Sunday, October 24, 2004

Self Portraits

It's 5:30. Tyler woke up at around 2:30 when Daddy stopped by. Usually, Daddy pops in and changes his diaper, gives him some cuddles and Tyler goes right back to sleep. But, since Tyler had been sleeping since 8pm, he was a little bit awake and wanted to show daddy his brumm brumms. We humored him for a bit, then put him back to his crib. Unfortunately, he had a hard time settling down, and then once he did, he had taken off his diaper and peed, so I had to change the sheets. While I did that, I gave him a bottle and let him watch "Rockman" - his favorite part in the movie "The Point". He would go play with a truck occasionally, but mostly stuck to the couch drinking his bottle. So, after a bit, I cuddled up next to him and watched the Rockman part once again. Just as soon as we got comfortable, he jumped up and ran to the computer desk, grabbed my digital camera and said "Cheese", then climbed back onto my chest. So, we took those ever-so-wonderful self portraits. These came out so adorable!! Tyler actually pressed the button on a couple of them. He insisted on checking each one out, and all of those were met with giggles of approval. After these pictures were taken, Tyler climbed off my chest, took his bottle, and stood by his crib, saying "Up, mama, up mama". I guess he just wanted to get a few quick pictures before he went to sleep!! :-)


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