Saturday, April 23, 2005

First Night in a Big Boy Bed!!

I'm practically bouncing off the walls I'm so excited about this!! Earlier today, I put the mattress into his bed and told him he'd be sleeping in it, as I do from time to time. This time, I had the courage to lay down in it and surprisingly, I didn't break it. Tyler tucked me in, kissed me and said "Goodnight Mama".
He took a 3 hour nap with me on the couch after we got home from the park with Daddy, and when he woke up we played together. We turned off the tv, I stayed off the computer and we just really interacted the whole time. So, by bedtime he was really tired. I gave him his bottle and since I hadn't moved the mattress back, I told him he had a choice, he could sleep in the crib or in the bed. He kept insisting that he wanted to sleep on the couch! lol So I tucked him in bed, gave him his bottle and fully expected to have to guide him back into bed at least 3 times. But to my great surprise, he was out in 10 minutes! I just went in to check on him - unfortunately it's really dark in there, but I could make out an adorable lump. :-)
He had a great time in the park today. In the span of 2 minutes, the kid threw sand in his face (which he does to get a laugh, strangely enough), licked a pole, and ran around in circles going "ha ha ha"! Craig and I thought it was pretty funny, and were hysterical when I overheard a 6 year old say "look at that baby over there, running in circles going 'ha ha ha'"! A few minutes later, they came over and engaged Tyler in a game of chase. Craig and I always joked about having a strange kid doing exactly those things, but we didn't expect it would really happen! Tyler has gotten the chance to play with a bunch of kids lately - last week he had a blast with his cousin Jack, and yesterday he met a 4 year old boy named Zack at the bowling alley. Zack immediately invited Tyler to join in his bowling game and they played very nicely together - Zack even won a stuffed animal for Tyler in one of the video games there. :-)
It's now 3 hours later, and I can't believe he's still quietly in bed. I've checked on him twice, and he hasnt moved. He's due to cry in about a half hour or an hour, so we'll see how he handles that. I'm still debating whether I should sleep in bed or sleep on the couch. I'm kind of nervous that little independent mister will decide to play quietly in the morning instead of coming to wake me up, and wait until the house is destroyed before coming into bed, putting his face inches from mine and saying "No nigh-night! Wake! Up! Ma-ma!" like he does while I'm laying on the couch!
He now sings all the verses to "The Wheels on the Bus".......if you ask him how the wipers on the bus go, or the money, or the people, or the baby, he responds correctly. The cutest thing is if you ask what the mommy on the bus says, or the daddy on the bus says, he answers "I love you!"
And, thanks to Spongebob, he knows Mary Had a Little Lamb, though his version is not the correct one. I just discovered he knew this tonight, and was hysterical. In the Spongebob episode, Patrick is copying Spongebob because he wants to get an award like Bob has. So, Bob tries to trip Patrick up, and they start reciting "Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as........." and then, Tyler will yell (attempting to say like Bob) PICKLED FISH LIPS!! He really just kinda yells loudly in the same cadence as "pickled fish lips", but it's really funny when you know what he's saying! What a day this kid has had in terms of new things! :-)


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