Monday, April 24, 2006

This child drives me INSANE!!

Tyler got a new toy the other day - he saved up his money for it. For a week, he said he wanted a "nutcrasher truck," whatever that is. But I knew what store he saw it at, so he saved up his money and decided to get this instead of the talking toolbench he's wanted for weeks.

I've been having a lot of trouble with allergies lately, and have been taking 2 Benadryl each evening for the past two weeks or so. As most everyone knows, Benadryl can knock you out - in fact, the generic Benadryl is also used in over-the-counter sleeping pills.

So, I was pretty groggy this morning. I set him up with some yogurt and went back to bed, letting him play quietly while watching TV as I sometimes do. However, instead of playing quietly, he takes the yogurt over to his little avalanche playset, lines up a ton of Matchbox cars on the coffee table (the one he covered 1/3 of in red nailpolish three weeks ago), and PUTS YOGURT ALL OVER THEM! I guess the idea was to make it look like there was "snow" on them, because it was done pretty carefully and only over the cars!

I cleaned up the toys with the yogurt on them, but there were still toys all over the living room. Craig came over, so we left it as is and went out for a bit. When I got home, I turned on the TV and noticed that the child apparently got a few spots of yogurt on the television. I cooked dinner, and then we cleaned up all the toys and vacuumed. I put Tyler to bed, and went back to clean up the TV. The spots wouldn't come off, so I kept scrubbing thinking that for some reason dried yogurt was impossible to clean off. Then I scraped at it with my nail and's not yogurt. THEY'RE CHIPS IN THE GLASS!!!

I was fuming, but Tyler was already in bed so I couldnt find out what was going through that crazy child's head. He wandered out of his room while I was still staring at the screen in disbelief, so I asked him what he did. He told me he banged "Rocky Rock" against the screen! I yelled at him and sent him back to bed.

A few minutes later, I hear him shuffling around in his room, so I went in to tell him to get back in bed. He tells me he's sad because I don't like him. I told him he's still "my best friend" (as he says), but I was sad that he broke my TV. He got all panicky, put his hand gently on my face and said "Please don't cry. Don't be sad mama." He's gotten really worried the few times he's seen my cry (from migraines). I told him I wasn't going to cry, and he says "Good. You can cheer me up, because I'm sad"! He then told me that he was watching Sesame Street, "my favorite show", and there was a hole (on the screen). He tried to put the rock into it. I guess after 3 tries he realized it wasn't a real hole! lol

How could I be mad with such an adorable explaination? But I think these holes in the screen are going to drive me nuts. As it was, I only looked at them for about an hour and they were annoying - and that was when I thought they'd come off. Nevermind trying to watch a movie knowing that the pencil-eraser sized black mark in the center of the screen, and two smaller ones below, were caused by a child trying to throw a rock into the screen!

On the bright side, now that he's ruined the TV, put nailpolish on the coffee table, and scratched the surface of my desk, I think that anything else he's going to ruin is cheaper!


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