Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Potty Training Progress

Potty training is going along great! Of course, we've been in "training mode" since the summer, but since he's only 2 (28 months), we're really doing great. I figure it's best not to push him. He's been great with telling me when he needs to go, and in fact went all by himself today! I was laying in bed, and he came up to me saying "pee pee potty". Since he was already naked and I didn't feel like getting up, I told him he knew where it was and to go ahead. So he did! He came back in a couple of minutes all proud of himself. He even got some IN the potty! lol He finally figured out doorknobs on 2/14, so he actually opened the door and then went! Two accomplishments in one! :-) Mommy was quite proud, too.
I started a group on yahoo for graduates of Northport High School from 1994. I've gotten some really enthusiastic responses and expect more once everyone gets back to work. But I had to mention one comment that really made my day - Julie Flinn told me I'm going to make a great PTA mom. That made my day, and probably even my week! :-)