Monday, June 20, 2005

AOL Sucks!!

This is such bull - I tried to send email and AOL won't let me to certain people, saying that one or more of the links I sent are generating complaints - I linked to a NASA site and to I tried it again without the link showing where I heard about this moon thing and it still didn't work. Click on the "AOL Sucks" title and it'll send you to the error I got. Apparently, AOL doesn't want NASA links being sent - they're keeping you from getting too smart, I suppose. lol Wonder if it would let me send an "anti-AOL" link. Yet snowball fights and angel hugs are ok.
Anyway, this stuff is too cool for me to let AOL keep you from hearing about it. So I figured I'd just post on my blog and email you guys to let you know to check the blog. Unreal.
Here's what I wanted you to see - Moon at its lowest point in 18 years
You can find the time of moonrise here Moonrise Times

Ok - so I just called AOL - I wanted answers and couldn't let it rest. lol Turns out, I didn't remove the metafilter link entirely, and that's why it was bouncing back. Still not a good reason as far as I'm concerned - really, metafilter, a really cool, interesting and usually intelligent website gets complaints, but hamsterdance is allowed to run rampant??! Hooter cancer indeed! I've actually emailed the admin at metafilter to let them know - yes, it's trivial and I know the site owner has a lot better things to do, but AOL must be stopped and any way I can help that, I will. lol (wow, I'm not as crazy as I sound, just anti-random-censorship).
Further update - a discussion of this on Metafilter's discussion forum, MetaTalk