Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Photo Page

I suppose I should make it easy for everyone and mention that all the Tyler photos are at Bug Shots I suppose now I can post here as new ones are posted.

He's so cute and happy!

Today, we went to the Huntington office at around 4:30pm which means lots of traffic. Tyler absolutely loved watching all the "brumm brumms", so I took the opportunity to teach him the difference between a "school bus" "truck" and "car". He picked up "school bus" very quickly, and I was quite impressed! He seems to prefer "brumm brumm" to "car", but that's okay - I think I prefer his way too, for now.
He's spending the night at Daddy's tonight, and I went over there to play for a bit. He wanted nothing other than to cuddle with me. He kept climbing onto my chest and saying "nigh-night mama". I was loving this, until I blew his mind by blowing a bubble with my gum! We'd say "Ready. Set. Go!", I'd blow a bubble, and he'd pop it by smacking his forehead into it, then leaning back with the proudest look of glee on his face! Finally, Daddy had to step in and declare bedtime. Tyler ran into daddy's bed, and pulled my head down next to him, again saying "nigh-night mama". He tried to fight getting into his pjs until we started pretending to sleep - Tyler actually made little snoring noises with me! It's so much fun to watch his imagination and sense of humor develop.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

My Intent

Welcome to the Life of Bug! I keep a journal each day about the little, cool things that Tyler does. I've been meaning to set up a blog to keep everyone up to speed about it, but have been putting it off for over a year now. Finally - here it is! I have to get some work done tonight, but either tomorrow or the next night, I plan to put up my first entry and perhaps a picture or two.